100 Friends of WE-CAN

With every year that the climate crisis grows stronger, our commitment to halt it must grow stronger too. 

We founded the West Coast Climate Action Network a year ago to unite the passion of tens of thousands of climate activists across BC. A year later, we have 223 member organizations, a proliferation of projects, and a need to sustain ourselves financially.

Would you be willing to put your purse behind your passion by becoming a founder member of “100 Friends of WE-CAN”, pledging a steady monthly donation? 

If there are a hundred of us, holding hands together to sustain WE-CAN, we can become the financial wind beneath WE-CAN’s wings. 

Guy Dauncey, WE-CAN Co-Chair

Become a Monthly Donor

There are four ways in which you can become one of the 100 Friends of WE-CAN:

(1) Set up a monthly donation through Raisely, via your credit card (see the form to the right)

(2) Set up a recurring Interac e-Transfer from your bank account

(3) Set up a recurring donation from your bank account by filling in a form at the link and mailing WE-CAN a void cheque

(4) If you bank with Vancity, set up an internal transfer through online banking

Please include your name and email if you use these donation methods, it would help us a lot.