WE-CAN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

May 27th, 10am-noon

WE-CAN is a network with 243 member organizations, whose members share our belief that the global climate emergency is relentlessly urgent, and we need climate action every bit as determined as Canada’s war action was in 1939-1945.

Our AGM is an occasion to share our achievements, to hear climate stories from member organizations (Transition Sooke, First Things First Okanagan, and Climate Convergence), to elect new directors to our Board, and to inject new energy into our work. We also need to make some minor adjustments to our by-laws.

Send a Voting Representative for Your Group

We hope that every member organization will send a representative. As such, you will be able to report back to the members of your climate action organization, vote on our by-law adjustments, elect new Directors, and come away feeling more determined than ever.

To act as representative of your member organization at the AGM, you will need to follow the below steps.  

    1. Check with your member organization that it’s okay for you to represent them at the AGM.
    2. Check that there’s only one voting representative (you) attending from your member organization. Others can attend, but not vote.
    3. Register for the AGM here, and list the organization you are representing
    4. Ensure you receive a confirmation email with the zoom link.

To get in touch with us about any of this, email our Network Coordinator Mari Piggott at mari@westcoastclimateaction.ca

Attend as a Non-Voting Guest

Climate activists, advocates and community members are welcome to attend WE-CAN’s AGM as a non-voting guest and learn about the work of WE-CAN and our member organizations.

To register for the AGM, click here

Join WE-CAN’s Board

Would you like to join our Board of Directors? We have 11 positions on our Board, and 9 of our current Directors are running for re-election. We also have two additional positions reserved for people who bring an Indigenous perspective.

  • You can learn more about what’s involved in being a Director here.
  • If you feel that this speaks to you, the application form is here. The deadline for applications is Wednesday May 24th, at midnight.