Casey Stein

Written by Sebastian Sadja

January 10, 2022

Casey Stein


I am a student at UBCO studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics. I come from Texas and came to BC with a burning passion for our species to treat our planet better. I have extensive political experience, including working for an elected representative, running in and assisting others in successful campaigns, researching, developing, and implementing policy, and lobbying elected officials. I am also a passionate writer and public speaker and believe effective policy is what will help us overcome the climate emergency. Currently, I am assisting an Okanagan political operative with developing a cross-partisan climate scorecard for municipal and provincial candidates and am beginning work with Impact Arts to work on everything from impact assessment development to communications. In my spare time, I enjoy going on hikes, reading, and interacting with as many dogs as possible. I am also an ardent mental health advocate and a sports fan in my free time. 

Growing up in Texas, while I learned about the existential crisis that is climate change, I watched policymakers at all levels give special privileges to the fossil fuel industry and completely disregard science and the environment. I’ve translated my frustration into an intense drive to pass effective climate policy across the board. Specifically, I believe we need to reform the policy and practices of four areas to overcome the worst effects of climate change: manufacturing, transportation, building codes, and energy generation. Combined, these sectors cause over 80% of emissions and can be effectively reformed with specific, fundamental policy changes. From my time as a mental health advocate, I have learned the value of inclusion and come to appreciate that everybody has a story which can help us understand them as a human being.


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