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The Magnitude Of All Things

From Andrew Wilkinson: Ready for Earth Day, Jennifer Abbott’s new documentary The Magnitude of All Things merges stories from the frontlines of climate change with recollections of the loss of her sister, drawing intimate parallels between personal and planetary grief. Watch the film for free on starting on April 22. Host your own screening using SMI’s Virtual Screening Kit, which includes promotional assets, and an eco-anxiety discussion guide.

Guy Dauncey’s Pinterest Page

From Guy Dauncey, via Pinterest: 500+ stunning images of an amazing green future. See them here. 

Four Climate Myths our Politicians are Proliferating

From Shhhtainabiloty, via TikTokCheck out the video. 

Call for Artistic Imagination: Life in 2050 with much less energy  

First Prize 5,000 Euros, By April 30th 

From IIASA: How do YOU envision a future society that has successfully avoided climate change in 2050? A world that consumes much less energy by changing behaviour, habits, business traditions, and many other aspects of daily life? How will people live? Would everyday life look drastically different in 2050? Task: Depict what life might look like in 2050. Capture a future with much lower energy demand, high levels of sharing and efficiency, that is less harmful to the environment, and socially more developed. Media: written, filmed, painted, drawn, pictured, composed, recorded. Viewing, listening, or reading it should take a maximum 2 minutes. Submit here or read more here.