Diversity Statement

We stand on the brink of a global climate and biodiversity catastrophe – and of amazing possibilities for human wellbeing and the regeneration of nature if we work together to do what’s needed to avoid the catastrophe. The West Coast Climate Action Network is a cohesive network of climate action groups, organizations, businesses and initiatives in British Columbia who share a deep desire to see more urgent action from our local, provincial and federal governments. Inclusion, consensus and diversity of perspective are essential in everything we do. We raise our hands, welcoming friends and allies. We stand with the overwhelming consensus among the world’s climate scientists, which is that we face a climate emergency of a disastrously destructive nature. We heed the IPCC’s call for net zero emissions globally by 2050, but we also heed those who say this is too slow, that we need a 60% reduction in our climate pollution by 2030, requiring an annual 7% reduction in our climate pollution.

If we DO act in time, we can look forward to a future in which:

  • BC’s forests and all other ecosystems are protected and restored.
  • Workers and communities enjoy good, long-term jobs within thriving communities.
  • Indigenous People’s rights, Title and governance are respected and honoured.
  • Our towns and cities are green, livable, and transit, pedestrian, wheelchair and bike friendly.
  • Most pollution has ceased to exist.
  • We have developed a green circular economy that operates in harmony with nature.

The tension between these possibilities tears at our souls. It drives us to seek more rapid action to tackle the emergency, which grows more immediate with each forest fire, heat wave, flood, storm and drought.

We agree with Catherine Abreu, past Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada:

“Working on climate change is not a fight: it is an act of love. (...) We do it because we see the injustice and inequity and colonial ideology that both drives and is exacerbated by climate change, and we have to believe in a world liberated from these institutions of violence. We fight because we have to protect what we love.”

Catherine Abreu

Past Executive director, Climate Action Network Canada