Dear Climate Champion, Activist or Organizer,

We invite your organization or initiative to become a Member of the West Coast Climate Action Network. 

The global climate emergency is relentlessly urgent.  We want everyone to understand that this is an emergency. We want our decision-makers to show leadership every bit as determined as Canada’s was during World War II. 

There are some 350 climate action groups and organizations in BC, of which 219 are members of WE-CAN.

WE-CAN. There are no fees, at least for now. We support our member organizations in four ways: 

  1. By amplifying – If your group or organization is doing a well-organized push for a climate action, we will promote it in our weekly newsletter, and encourage our members to amplify your message and to lobby their MLAs, Mayors, or appropriate government Ministers.
  2. By coordinating – We will work together to achieve more effective climate action. 
  3. By connecting – We will link groups and organizations that are working on similar initiatives so that they can be stronger together. 
  4. By informing – Our website will – in due course – provide information about your organization and encourage people to get involved. It also has information about the best climate solutions and learning and training resources.

It is very easy to become a Member. Any group, organization or business with three or more members whose leaders or Board agrees with our Members’ Agreement can apply to become a Member: 

“In becoming a Member of the West Coast Climate Action Network, our organization agrees that the global climate emergency poses an existential threat to all nature and all humanity, and that we need rapid and urgent action to tackle its various causes.

CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE to request become a member, or to tell us that you are taking the request to your Board or leadership team.

  • Whenever WE-CAN seeks to advance a new initiative we will invite each member organization to sign on to that specific initiative. We will never assume to speak on your behalf. We respect your organization’s unique identity and reputation, and your need to safeguard it. This is how the Canada Climate Action Network (CAN-RAC) operates, and how sign-ons are traditionally done in Canada.
  • There are no membership fees, at least for the first year.
  • As a member organization you will be entitled to choose someone to vote at our Annual General Meetings, and in elections to the Board.

Many thanks!

Connie LaRochelle, Chair, Guy Dauncey, Co-Chair, and the whole Board of the West Coast Climate Action Network