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Local Elections Resources

Are you considering running  in the 2022 General Local Elections in BC? We want to connect with you! Fill out our climate champion registration form and we will be in touch with you. We’ll be providing a forum for candidates to connect and support eachother, as well as connecting candidates to local climate action groups.

Register as a Climate Champion

WE-CAN Resources

This handy guide helps candidates navigate the needed paperwork and legal parameters of campaigning. Click the cover or download here.

This guide is for local climate action groups that are looking to endorse candidates this election. Take the questions as is or remix them for your own specific needs. Click the cover or download here.

This series of twelve policy papers arms candidates with the information they need to develop policy and talk to voters. Click the cover above or here to view the twelve papers.

Other Resources

Infiltration Manual

In Canada, municipalities account for over 50% of the national greenhouse gas emissions (Source: Federation of Canadian Municipalities). This underlines the undeniable need for local climate action. But let’s face it, municipal government structures can be daunting. Breaking them down, however, makes it easier to find openings for action.

The Infiltration Manual aims to demystify municipal governance structures and provide youth with practical knowledge and tools on how to take climate action at the local level. It covers a range of topics, including:

  • An overview of the structure of municipal government
  • A roadmap on how to gather community support
  • Tips on how to present an initiative to Council
  • A variety of email, meeting, and petition templates

This manual is divided into four sections, each composed of several modules that serve as your go-to guide for all municipal government and climate action questions. Interspersed throughout the manual are examples and insider tips. Use the table of contents to skip to the modules most relevant to you.

Local Government in British Columbia

Local Government in British Columbia presents a description of the organization and operation of local governments in the province, ranging from improvement districts serving small groups of residents, through municipalities and school districts of various sizes, to complex regional administrations such as the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) now referred to as Metro Vancouver. The purpose of this book is to enable the citizens of British Columbia to understand the councils, boards, and trusteeships that govern the provision of local services, and to assist elected and appointed officials in their efforts to serve the public more effectively. It is also used as a text in university and college courses.

As with previous editions, the focus is on how local governments are organized and have evolved to finance and deliver services. To complement the historical perspective, scholarly research is also used to set a theme for evaluating any complex multifaceted governmental system. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is up to date but, as with any large and complex subject, changes may occur at any time.

New Councillor Manual

As a newly elected councillor, what can you do to advance climate justice in your community?

A lot! A growing number of local elected leaders across Canada have made climate justice a priority in their communities. Hundreds of local governments have declared climate emergencies and are pushing for action which aligns with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) science. Local governments contribute over 50% of national greenhouse gas emissions. Local government is where climate action is happening.

Be a part of the action in this critical decade – learn how to bring forward effective policy initiatives that will be supported and implemented. In fact, every decision can multisolve for intersecting challenges when viewed through the lenses of ecological limits, rapid decarbonization, and equity.