1. Long into your Van City online banking
  2. Click “Transfer Money” on the left menu bar
  3. Fill in the required fields and choose amount.
  4. In you would like to make it a monthly donation, select “Recurring Transfer” and indicate how often you would like to donate.
  5. Select Account:  “Another Member”
  6. Add Relationship # 91334068, “Business Chequing” account.
  7. Please send us an email letting us know of the particulars of your donation. Because of the bank’s privacy rules, VanCity will not divulge a donor’s name or their contact information. 
  8. Click “Continue”.  Double check details and click “Confirm”.
  9. Upon receiving notice from Van City that an internal transfer has occurred, we will send you a thank-you email to let you know that everything went through as intended.