West Coast Climate Action Network

An empowered network of over 230 organizations urgently addressing the climate emergency in B.C.

We’ll end the climate emergency together.

The West Coast Climate Action Network strives to unite the multitude of climate change organizations, groups, and initiatives in British Columbia whose members share a deep concern about the global climate emergency and who wish to see more urgent, rapid action.

We work to serve, support, amplify and promote their work, and to take whatever further actions we deem necessary to help end the global climate emergency.

Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising

Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising

From Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment: Fossil fuel air pollution causes up to 34,000 premature deaths in Canada each year. Just like the tobacco industry, fossil fuel companies are still lying to us about the known dangers of their products. We...

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We are dedicated to fostering unity among environmental organizations, amplifying their impact, and mobilizing collective efforts for a sustainable future.

By bringing together diverse environmental organizations, we create a stronger, more resilient network capable of achieving far-reaching results.

We invite environmental organizations, big and small, to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you’re a grassroots movement, a research institution, or an advocacy group, your unique perspective and skills are invaluable.

Please contact us for inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to become a member.

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