Rene Dansereau

Written by Chelie-Renee Elsom

January 4, 2022

Rene Dansereau


I grew up in small town Manitoba playing high-level hockey and participated in most sports available in school.  I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts my main focus being History and Macro-economics.

During a lengthy 13 years in the financial industry, I attained certificates offered by the Canadian Securities Institute at the time.  I have exercised my talent in such high profiles as: RBC, TD, and two private brokerage firms. I was also my pleasure to provide a weekly Commodities-focused radio commentary primary for farmers that ran for five years and aired across western Canada.

In 2006 I was the Conservative candidate for Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, that is until they found out that I would not accept mind-less orders.  After which they realized I was not listening and kicked me out.

I worked with in the mining industry until 2015 when I left to be near my child. To make ends meet, I found a job concrete forming in the Vancouver lower mainland.  In 2019 my back had had enough so I started my current occupation of commercial electrician.

Upon my arrival in the lower mainland, I was prompted to action by the proposal to twin the Trans- Mountain pipeline; I helped organize the 2016 March that drove Kinder Morgan out of Canada, and I have been actively opposing our government’s energy policies ever since recognizing that “Business as Usual” no longer exists.

I have published a book on investing 319% and maintain an active blog at covering Canadian politics, economics, and energy policy.  It is my sincerest wish that we work together to move past the current problems (climate change, plastic, war, etc.) and focus on expanding our knowledge of the universe around us.



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