Rieky Stuart

Written by Chelie-Renee Elsom

January 4, 2022

Rieky Stuart


I was born in the Netherlands and came to Canada as a child.  I’m a proud spouse, mother of two daughters, and grandmother, and am retired in Victoria B.C.  I’ve been active as a member of the steering committee of Climate Legacy, which aims to engage seniors in using their voice, their money and their time to act on climate change.

I try to practice my own values, living in a passive house, and using my electric bike as my main form of transport, as well as making sure my retirement income is as green as I can make it.  My working life was mainly in international development, with NGOs, governments, and the United Nations.  I worked as a program officer, teacher/trainer/professor, manager, CEO, volunteer Board member, evaluator and consultant over the years.  I have had the privilege of living and working in many countries in Asia and Africa.

Sometimes I think I’ve been to more than enough meetings to last a lifetime, but I still feel that working together is the only way we can build a sustainable and just future.


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