Sebastian Sajda

Written by Sebastian Sadja

January 2, 2022

Sebastian Sajda


I started my journey into climate activism at a young age, having won an Earth Day flag design contest in elementary school followed by a run in the 2005 BC election my first year out of high school. Over the years I’ve been involved in anti-war, anti-poverty, and housing activism. I’ve been president of Force of Nature for the last year and a half, having put in work to successfully transition the organization from staffed to 100% volunteer run.

My academic background is in political science, having done my undergrad at SFU and my graduate work at UVic. I focused primarily on global political economy, political theory, and ethics. I came to my position on climate through critique of “ecological modernization.” I still remember sitting in the Academic Quadrangle at SFU dumbfounded that seemingly serious people thought corporations and technology could solve our carbon woes on their own. 

I want to make sure that WE-CAN targets not only our provincial government, but also municipalities (which influence 44% of emissions). I also strongly believe in coalition and institution building. We need to have a structure like WE-CAN in place to make big moves as the climate emergency intensifies. 


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