Sharon Marshall

Written by Chelie-Renee Elsom

January 2, 2022

Sharon Marshall

Director & Project Lead for BC First Nations Climate Action Data Quilt Project

Sharon Marshall, Métis/Cree, is the CEO of Cree8iv Collaboration Inc. dba DEVA Training & Staffing Solutions, a company she founded to creatively collaborate with others to bring programs and services to remote communities. Sharon has three decades of experience in private and public administration, nine+ years working with First Nations organizations, and 15+ years providing global remote administrative, creative and technical support to individuals and organizations.

Sharon created Cree8iv’s first program, the DEVA Accelerator, a 20-week online training program for Indigenous women, providing digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and virtual administrative skills training. From their homes, the students will learn the digital skills needed to thrive in today’s Digital Age. Upon graduation, the DEVAs (Digital Executive Virtual Assistants) become Independent Contractors working from home for DEVA, providing short and long-term virtual support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations.

Currently pursuing her MBA, when Sharon is not busy studying, training, facilitating, and creating, she enjoys reading, writing, strength training, meditation, learning new things, and spending time with her family and close friends. Sharon lives in Lantzville, BC., Canada. To learn more about DEVA, visit


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