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📌 = A climate action that needs your help

BC Climate Action 💚

Climate action from around British Columbia.

📌 Letter to the Banks Backing Coastal Gaslink – call for organizational sign-on.

📅 By Monday February 7th

From Stand.earth: After an insulting response from RBC to a Wet’suwet’en hereditary leadership request for a meeting late last year, Gidimt’en Checkpoint and movement allies are organizing environmental, climate and movement organizations to put all the 27 banks backing Coastal Gaslink on notice that the powerful and growing climate justice movement is behind them and our opposition is growing. We need more groups to sign on by this Monday. As a follow up to the open letter from the hereditary leadership of the Wet’suwet’en Nation to the investors of Coastal Gaslink pipeline last fall, we are organizing an open letter to amplify demands for a meeting with RBC executives.

The letter to the banks.

The sign-on form.

📌 Ban FortisBC’s fossil-fuel promotion in schools – call for organizational sign-on

📅 By Monday February 14th

From CAPE-BC: We are spearheading a campaign to call on the BC Government to ban fossil-fuel promotion in schools via FortisBC’s industry-biased Energy Leaders curriculum. We’re planning to publicize our open letter to the Minister of Education on February 22. The open letter.

📌 Watershed Security Public Engagement Call

📅 By Monday March 18th

From WE-CAN: The BC government is calling for feedback on its Watershed Security Strategy and Fund Discussion Paper. This invites some thought by climate organizations. In forested areas, we need an ecologically-based approach to logging and forest management on crown and private lands. In urban areas, we need an ecological approach to stormwater management and the protection of green space. In farmed areas, we need an ecological approach to soil management, carbon storage and manure pollution. Read more.

The Polis Water Project offers some guidance here.

And there’s a good Tyee commentary here.

Canada Climate Action 💚

Climate actioin from around Canada.

📌 Sign now: Stop burning trees for electricity – a Petition to the Canadian Government

From Stand.earth: The race to fight climate change and shift to a renewable-powered future must not include false solutions.  Burning forests for electricity – also known as biomass – is dirtier than coal at the smokestack and is destroying some of the most carbon-rich forests in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  The lie: we have been told that forest biomass is made with waste wood, tree tops and branches. The truth: whole trees and forests are being logged to burn in the name of ‘clean energy.’ Sign the petition.

Please help spread this campaign using this Amplification Pack which includes a new video narrated by Emma Thompson.

📌 TMX is behind schedule and over budget — time to cut our losses. Please sign our Petition.

From Coast Protectors: Please sign this petition calling on Justin Trudeau and his new cabinet to formally pause construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline and conduct a comprehensive review of the project. Read more.

📌 Energy efficiency priorities for #Budget2022

From Efficiency Canada: Join us in our message to MPs for $2 billion to support low-income energy efficiency, to reduce energy poverty and prepare low-income households for net-zero emissions, tailored to provincial and territorial contexts. Read more.

📌 To Minister Wilkinson, Minister Guilbeault, and Minister Freeland: Don’t give Big Oil a multi-billion dollar lifeline

From Leadnow: Natural Resources Minister Wilkinson is considering rubber-stamping a multi-billion dollar tax credit for Big Oil to invest in carbon capture — a fantastical, false climate solution, touted by the oil and gas lobby as a way of cutting emissions by capturing carbon before it escapes into the air. But hundreds of climate experts are sounding the alarm: CCS is flawed —  it actually increases emissions. Read more.

📌 Have your say about next federal budget priorities

From the David Suzuki Foundation: Canada’s finance minister is weighing priorities for the next federal budget. Let’s send a clear message that Budget 2022 must end subsidies and other public financing for fossil fuel companies. In the recent election, the federal government pledged to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2023. Why wait? Join us in calling for an end to public financing for fossil fuels in Budget 2022. Read more.

📌 Saturday, March 12 National Day of Action for a Just Transition

From 350.org: It’s been nearly three years since Justin Trudeau pledged to pass a Just Transition Act which would support workers and communities as Canada accelerates its shift off of fossil fuels, but we’ve seen no serious progress. Last night, we announced our plan to change that, and hundreds of people like you raised their hands to get involved. On Saturday, March 12 we’re holding a national Day of Action for a Just Transition, and we need as many communities as possible to take part. Will you sign up to host an event in your community? Read more.

Global Climate Action 💚

Climate action from around the world.

COSTCO: Find an Alternative to Palm Oil: the Orangutans’ survival depends on it

From Change.org: Palm Oil is a cheap additive in many products we consume/use each day. These include food, beauty products and biofuel. COSTCO currently uses Palm Oil in some of its Kirkland brand products. Because Costco has such a global market of consumers, people have the right to know the negative impact and devastation that the consumption of Palm Oil is causing. Read more.

Climate Victories! 💚

BREAKING: Quebec Energy Minister tables a bill relegating fossil exploration and extraction to the past

From Caroline Brouillette, Twitter: “An Act to put an end to the exploration for and production of hydrocarbons and to the public funding of such activities”. The bill’s main purpose is to “put an end to the search for hydrocarbons or underground reservoirs, the production of hydrocarbons – oil and gas – and the exploitation of brine.” These activities would be forbidden. There are currently 182 active permits  in Quebec, covering 32000 sq. km.  Environmental, citizen, student and health groups are celebrating the tabling of Bill 21, but asking that it be amended to close the door on the compensation gifts the government wishes to give to the industry. Read more.

WE-CAN News 💚

WE-CAN News: To submit a climate event, action, story or solution, please submit by the Thursday of each week in the format used below. We cannot promise to get everything in. Contact guy@westcoastclimateaction.ca.

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WE-CAN Member News ❤️

To all Member Groups and Organizations

If you would like us to share news about your work, please write a story and share it on your website of Facebook page. We will then share a summary with the link. Email guy@westcoastclimateaction.ca. We will soon be sending every member organization a survey asking about the types of climate action your group is engaged in and what your needs are, so that we can support each other.

Resistance 🌲 💚 🌲

Acts of resistance.

Unist’ot’en Village and Gidimt’en Checkpoint seeking supporters who can come to the territory

The Unist’ot’en Village and Gidimt’en Checkpoint are both seeking supporters who can come to the territory for weeks or months in the coming months. Throughout the past year the Unist’ot’en Healing Center has been accepting clients and running culture camps for the Wet’suwet’en community. They are seeking supporters who can assist with day to day tasks like gathering and chopping wood, cooking and cleaning and other tasks to run the camp starting in mid February and into the spring and summer. Read more.

Climate Solutions 🌎

Hopeful solutions to the climate emergency.

Will BC Listen to the Oil and Gas Industry, or the Public?

From Marc Lee, Tom Green, Peter McCartney and Anjali Appadurai, The Tyee: Four key steps to a new royalty regime that fights climate change and recognizes Indigenous rights. Today’s imperative is to quickly wind down oil and gas production. The royalty review must break with the idea that more investment in the oil and gas industry is desirable and instead support a managed wind down of the industry, including a just transition for workers and returns to the public and local First Nations. Read more.

19 Trailblazing Communities Using Collective Impact to Advance an Equitable Climate Transition

From Tamarack: This month, through Tamarack’s Climate Transitions Cohort, communities across Canada are embarking on a 10-month learning journey to advance a just and equitable climate transition through collective impact, including four communities in BC. Read more.

New Reports Stress Job Creation, ‘Democratic Imperative’ in Just Transition Off Fossil Fuels

From The Energy Mix: It’s time for Canada to seize the “democratic imperative” for a fast, comprehensive just transition off fossil fuels, while taking advantage of new job creation in rising clean energy industries, according to two new reports issued this week. Read more.

The richest 10% produce about half of greenhouse gas emissions. They should pay to fix the climate

From The Guardian: There is a fundamental problem in contemporary discussion of climate policy: it rarely acknowledges inequality. Poorer households, which are low CO2 emitters, rightly anticipate that climate policies will limit their purchasing power. In return, policymakers fear a political backlash should they demand faster climate action. The problem with this vicious circle is that it has lost us a lot of time. The good news is that we can end it. Read more.

Advice on nurturing new forests in B.C. after serial climate catastrophes

From the Vancouver Sun: After B.C.’s summer heat dome and fall flooding catastrophe, noted forest ecologist Suzanne Simard shares thoughts on restoring more resilient forests. Read more.

Why oil and gas heating bans for new homes are a growing trend

From the CBC: Vancouver and Quebec recently banned certain kinds of fossil fuel-based heating in new home construction. Similar — and, in some cases more extensive — bans are happening around the world, from Norway to New York City. The goal? To cut CO2 emissions from buildings by replacing fossil fuel burning with electric heating. But are such bans necessary? And what impact will they have on people who live in those cities? Here’s a closer look.

More electric buses join transit fleets as costs and technology improve

From Smart Cities Dive: Planning, training and learning from other cities will smooth the transition to zero-emission bus fleets, say transit leaders. Read more.

8 tips to help you keep eating less meat in 2022

From VOX: This year, a record 629,000 people signed up for Veganuary — the challenge to eat vegan during January. Though meat consumption is still on the rise, nearly a quarter of Americans say they are at least cutting back — for their health, animal welfare, or to curb meat production’s acceleration of climate change. Read more.

Rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture would have big impact

From PLOS Climate: Animal agriculture contributes significantly to global warming through emissions of the potent greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide, and displacement of biomass carbon on the land used to support livestock. A rapid global phase-out has the potential to stabilize greenhouse gas levels for 30 years and offset 68% of CO2 emissions this century. Read more.

Washington D.C. ‘Parking Cash-Out’ Law makes Employers Refund Workers who don’t Drive

From Beyond Chron: A first-of-its-kind municipal law now requires many employers in Washington, D.C. to provide cash to workers who turn down their company-sponsored parking benefits — and experts say it could serve as a model for other American cities that want to de-incentivize car commuting. Read more.

Climate Impacts, Science and Politics 🌎

Levelling up: Youth Climate Values Survey

This report presents the findings of the Youth Climate Values Survey, an in-depth picture of the beliefs of members of the Canadian youth climate movement.

Have tipping points already been passed for critical climate systems? Faster than forecast, cascades loom

From Climate Code Red: Reflecting on the evidence presented in this tipping point series, a number of conclusions may be drawn. Read more.

Record Fossil Extraction from Canada, U.S., Norway Despite Fervent Climate Pledges

From The Energy Mix: The United States, Norway, and Canada are set to produce more oil this year than ever before, despite solemn pronouncements at COP 26 on the urgent need for climate action. All three countries “like to see themselves as climate leaders,” Oil Change writes, recalling Joe Biden’s commitment to “doing our part,” and Justin Trudeau’s call to “do more, and faster,” in their COP 26 speeches. Read more.

Stand.earth calls for Lululemon — maker of Team Canada gear — to get coal out of its supply chain as Winter Olympics begin

From Stand.earth: Lululemon’s flagship store in Vancouver saw more action than usual Wednesday when around 20 protesters set up a mock coal plant spewing smoke to draw attention to the athletic clothing brand’s ties with fossil fuels. The action comes just days before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics where Team Canada will be sporting the Lululemon logo from head to toe. Read more.

Revealed: The 11 slides that finally convinced Boris Johnson about global warming

From Carbon Brief: A scientific briefing that UK prime minister Boris Johnson says changed his mind about global warming has been made public for the first time. Read more.

Living Near Fracking Sites Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death: Study

From Common Dreams: Harvard researchers provide further evidence that, as one environmental advocate has said, “fracking is inherently hazardous to the health and safety of people and communities in proximity to it.” Read more.

Canada’s biggest emitters are paying the lowest price on carbon

From the National Observer: Oil and gas producers pay among the lowest average carbon costs of any sector – and it’s threatening Canada’s climate targets. Read more.

Extreme heat in oceans ‘passed point of no return’ in 2014

From the Guardian: Formerly rare high temperatures now covering half of seas and devastating wildlife, study shows. Scientists analysed sea surface temperatures over the last 150 years, which have risen because of global heating. They found that extreme temperatures occurring just 2% of the time a century ago have occurred at least 50% of the time across the global ocean since 2014. Read more.

Ruling on Rooftop Solar Called a ‘Game-Changer’ for Clean Energy (in America)

From Common Dreams: “For the first time a US federal court has said utilities can be liable under antitrust laws if they attack rooftop solar,” said one advocate. “The future for renewable energy just got a lot brighter.” Clean energy advocates celebrated Monday after a federal appeals court reversed a lower court’s decision and ruled that Arizona power utility Salt River Project—which jacked up electricity rates by more than 60% for customers who installed rooftop solar in the Phoenix metropolitan area—can be prosecuted for violating federal antitrust laws. Read more.

Car story: where will Canada’s electric vehicle batteries go when they die?

From The Narwhal: Electric vehicles are booming in B.C. and that means the province has a unique opportunity to divert some of the world’s most sought-after clean-energy minerals from a potentially hazardous waste stream. Read more.

Gas Stoves Leak Methane Even When Turned Off, Study Finds

From The Energy Mix: A new study shows that gas stoves leak methane and nitrogen dioxide in quantities significant enough to harm both people and planet, even when they’re turned off, bringing into focus important issues with expanding America’s natural gas delivery system. Read more.

Teck is fighting Montana pollution rules it doesn’t have to follow. Why? Look to B.C.

From The Narwhal: Teck Resources operates some of the biggest coal mines in the country in the Elk Valley, and B.C.’s rules allow enormous amounts of selenium pollution to enter the province’s rivers and waterways. But new rules in Montana, which experiences the downstream impacts of Teck’s operations, have the company on the defensive. Read more.

‘Disgrace’: EU Panned Over Plan to Label Gas, Nuclear Green

From Common Dreams: It amounts to an “anti-science plan” that “represents the biggest greenwashing exercise of all time,” said Greenpeace E.U. campaigner Ariadna Rodrigo. The European Commission on Wednesday released a plan to label some nuclear and gas plants green—an announcement that set off a wave of accusations of greenwashing and criticism that it would further delay a transition to truly renewable sources. Read more.

Crypto-currencies are a climate disaster

A single Bitcoin transaction uses more than power (2,100 kWh) than the average American household uses in 10 weeks. Read More

Climate Books, Videos, Art and Creativity 💜

Do you have climate-related video, poetry, art or music you’d like to share with others? Contact guy@westcoastclimateaction.ca.

New Climate Book for Youth

From Ann Erikson: Urgent Message from a Hot Planet: Navigating the Climate Crisis (Orca Books) by BC writer and biologist Ann Eriksson, for ages 12+, outlines the science behind global heating and its root causes, provides ways to take action, and honours the efforts of the millions of youth and adult allies from around the world who are working tirelessly to make a difference. “I encourage any interested youth – and their parents – to read this book.  It is an amazing achievement – comprehensive and informative, stretching from climate science to the intersecting issues of inequality and racism. It is a toolbox for hope.” – Elizabeth May MP. Read more.

We Can Make a Comeback

From Luke Wallace: My new song Comeback is a deep reminder that we have the collective capacity to turn this thing around. The world can seem pretty heavy these days but I am filled with the unwavering belief that through shared vision and action, we can build a more just, balanced and equitable world. Read more.

On-Line Events 🌎

All times are Pacific Standard Time

Global climate events: https://climateonline.net

Artists Against Pipelines Online Auction, raising money for Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders

📅 Until Friday February 11th

From the Unistot’en Solidarity Brigade: Call for Artists, healers, crafters, and others contributions to Artists Against Pipelines. Wet’suwet’en territory and community have again been under attack and we need to respond. Read more.

Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

📅 Friday February 4, 12 Noon

From CCPA: A presentation by Seth Klein, Team Lead and Director of Strategy for the Climate Emergency Unit. For 22 years he served as the founding British Columbia Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Seth’s book – A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency – was released in September 2020. Register here.

Friday Night Climate Chats

📅 Friday February 4, 7 pm

From Fraser Valley Climate Action: The 3rd of our six Friday night chats. Each session is based on a 10 minute video from Drawdown.org’s “Climate Solutions 101”. Session 3: Reducing Sources. This unit walks through the five largest sources of greenhouse gases – electricity, food, industry, transportation and buildings. The format of the evening is welcome & introduction, watch the video, and roundtable response to what we watched together. All are welcome. Register here for the meeting link or contact fvclimateaction@gmail.com.

Introduction to Drawdown Online Workshop

📅 Sunday February 6th, 7 pm

From Project Drawdown: A facilitated workshop, exploring Project Drawdown climate change solutions to assist participants in identifying, supporting, and initiating climate change solutions at the household, community, and policy levels.  Free 45 minutes-1 hour online session. Register here.

Winter GoByBike & Join the Movement!

📅 Monday February 7th – 13th

From GoByBike: Create an account or login to track your kilometres biked, and see how many kilograms of greenhouse gases you save by riding your bike year round. It’s free, fun, helps you stay fit and healthy, and it’s great for the environment! .. and you can win great prizes. For GoByBike BC Society, we’ve experienced a wild ride in 2021! We inspired more than 50,000 British Columbians to participate, resulting in saving 418,026 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality. Let’s #gobybikebc even more in 2022. Read more.

Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

📅 Monday February 7th

From the Synergia Institute: A unique learning opportunity. This 16-week online course focuses on basic needs solutions – shelter, food, energy, livelihoods, social care & finance –  that advance resilience, GHG reduction, social justice.  8 modules run for 2 weeks each and require 1.5 to 3 hours a week. One of 1000+ registrants in 2019 said  “I believe this course is extremely important. It made me think systems change may be achievable. It can be so overwhelming. I am truly in awe of how this course integrates so many layers that make up our existence on this earth.” A Synergia Certificate of Completion will be offered to those who complete the course. Read more.

Let’s go shopping for an EV!

📅 Tuesday February 8th, 7 pm

From Transition Salt Spring Climate Action Coach: Buying an electric vehicle is a huge decision. You can save thousands of $$ on your next electric vehicle through BC’s Point of Sale Rebate Program.  We can help make the decision-making process easier and save you money. Five Vancouver Island car dealerships will talk about their vehicles plus local expertise on buying an e-bike. Jim Standen from Salt Spring’s EV Car group will have the latest on our Island’s EV stats. https://form-can.keela.co/ev-rebates-webinar-registration

Campaigning 101: Workshop #1 Story-Telling

📅 February 10th, 6-8 pm

From the Georgia Strait Alliance: Are you concerned about an issue that is affecting your community and want to do something about it? Are you involved in a community group and want to have a stronger impact? Do you feel the urge to take action, but feel a bit unprepared to do so? This is the start of a 4-part workshop series. Read more.

Fighting for the Future: Youth Organizing for Climate Justice. (1): Power Analysis: The Truth about Youth

📅 Thursday February 10th, 7 pm

From Dogwood:  Youth are last to be considered, their input isn’t invited, and their consent is neither requested nor respected by the decision-makers who shape their lives. And yet, youth have always been at the forefront of movements for social change. The key to success is keen, unflinching analysis of what we’re up against – while appreciating the unique points of leverage available to young people. This session will provide a ‘real talk’ perspective on the world as it is in 2022, with reflections from youth organizers in B.C. on how they develop theories of change and design campaigns that meet this moment. With Kai Nagata (host), Alison Gu, Mira Blakely, and WeiChun Kua. Read more.

Why Real Climate Action Means Defunding the Police

📅 Thursday February 10, 8pm  

From For Our Kids: Mother of three, BIPOC activist, journalist, and social justice warrior, Molly Murphy will share her frontline experience with RCMP violence on unceded Indigenous lands in Pacheedaht, Dididaht and Wet’suwet’en territories. Read more.

Friday Night Climate Chats

📅 Friday February 11, 7pm

From Fraser Valley Climate Action: The 4th of our six Friday night chats. Each session is based on a 10 minute video from Drawdown.org’s “Climate Solutions 101”. Session 4: Supporting carbon sinks. This unit delves into the opportunities and limitations of sinks as a tool to reach drawdown. The format of the evening is welcome & introduction, watch the video, and roundtable response to what we watched together. All are welcome. Register here for the meeting link. Contact fvclimateaction@gmail.com.

Climate Healing: “[How] Will Science Save Us?” & “Church of Climate Change”

📅 Wednesday February 16, 11:30 am – 1 pm

From OneEarth: Join two Dutch innovators who are shaking things up to address the climate emergency. Dr. Sanli Faez aims to fix ‘broken’ universities to transfer the knowledge we need for solutions. Lynn Zebeda gathers creatives, thinkers and doers in a safe community to reflect on our CO2 sins and take action in the Netherlands and Ghana. With OneEarth, CAANS Vancouver, Wild Bird Trust of BC, and the Vancouver Consulate-General of the Netherlands. Read more.

Recruiting Climate Champions to run in the October 2022 Local Elections

📅 Wednesday February 16, 7 pm

From WE-CAN: The second of our four Roundtables is a how-to session on how to find activists to run for municipal office in this October’s elections.  Experienced election campaign organizers will share their stories, including Ned Taylor, District of Saanich Councillor; Megan Curran, District of North Vancouver Councillor; and Nicole Charlwood, Nelson City Councillor. Moderated by Andrea Reimer, past Vancouver city councillor.  Register here.

Mobilizing the Green Transition: How government-industry collaborations can move the climate dial

📅 Thursday February 17, 7:30 am

From Corporate Knights: Collaboration across sectors is crucial in the fight against climate change, especially between policymakers and industry. In this roundtable, co-hosted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Corporate Knights, representatives from the Canadian and Dutch governments will share their perspectives on cross-sector collaboration, and highlight the future roadmap for Canada and the Netherlands. Read more.

Philanthro-capitalism and the Erosion of Democracy, with Vandana Shiva

📅 Thursday February 17, 10am 

From YES Magazine: Global capitalists wield philanthropy to monopolize and privatize land use, food production, and the public health sector. Join a conversation with Vandana Shiva and Heather Day of Community Alliance for Global Justice to learn about this dangerous trend—and how global citizens are fighting back.  https://yesmagazine.secure.force.com/subscribe?campaign=7012I0000014l8LQAQ

An Evening with the Author of Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer

📅 Thursday February 17, 5:30pm

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants is about alternative forms of Indigenous knowledge outside of traditional scientific methodologies. https://www.gonzaga.edu/news-events/events/2022/2/17/an-evening-with-robin-wall-kimmerer

Youth Organizing for Climate Justice. (2):  Building Youth Power: Tactics to Win

📅 Thursday February 17, 7pm

From Dogwood: The 2nd in our series digs into the strategies & tactics that young people have used to build power, from relational organizing and direct action to political pressure. With Alexandra Woodsworth, Ishmam Bhuiyan, Sam Lin and Emily Lowan
. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VOf4KsBNTP2eqynfKS1IOQ

Friday Night Climate Chats

📅 Friday February 18, 7pm

From Fraser Valley Climate Action: The 5th of our six Friday night chats. Each session is based on a 10 minute video from Drawdown.org’s “Climate Solutions 101”.  Session 5: Putting it all together. Explore several paths towards a hopeful carbon reduced future. Learn why comprehensive, equitable climate action is the largest business and job creation opportunity in human history. The format of the evening is welcome & introduction, watch the video, and roundtable response to what we watched together. All are welcome. Register here for the meeting link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/fraser-valley-friday-climate-change-chats-tickets-242146264997 fvclimateaction@gmail.com

Parks and Protected Areas Research Network 2022 eSummit

📅 Tuesday February 22 – 25, 8:30am-1pm  

From the Canadian Parks Collective: CPCIL is excited to host the second four-day pan-Canadian Parks and Protected Areas Research eSummit. The Virtual Research Summit will bring together “Knowers” (scholars/knowledge keepers), “Doers” (practitioners), and “Learners” (students, new hires) from across the country to make personal connections and build a network of passionate individuals in the parks and protected areas field. The Virtual Research Summit will include plenary presentations, panels, workshops, short talks, interactive breakouts and regional working groups. https://cpcil.ca/2022-research-summit/

Shaping the Future on Haida Gwaii: Life Beyond Settler Colonialism

📅 Wednesday February 23, 3-4pm

From UBC Press: Through the experiences of the residents of the Haida First Nation community of Old Massett on the islands of Haida Gwaii, Joseph Weiss explores these possible futures, demonstrating how Haida ways of thinking about time, mobility, and political leadership are at the heart of contemporary strategies for addressing the dilemmas that come with life under settler colonialism. https://trc57speakerseries.ca/speakers/joseph-weiss/

Implementing a Just Transition Conference

📅 Wednesday February 23, 6pm & Thursday February 24, 8am-3pm

From CCPA and the Parkland Institute: Learn how other countries are implementing just transition strategies at this two-day event with many community leaders, researchers, advocates and speakers. https://www.parklandconference.ca   $15-$20

Youth Organizing for Climate Justice (3):  In It for the Long Haul: Climate Grief and Sustainable Organizing

📅 Thursday February 24, 7pm

From Dogwood: In the 3rd in our series youth organizers will share their own perspectives on climate grief, structural challenges (racism, sexism, ageism), and imposter syndrome – as well as the hope, connection & purpose they’ve gained from being part of organizing communities. With Paige Gorsak, Naisha Khan, Gabrielle Gelderman and Janelle Lapointe. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VOf4KsBNTP2eqynfKS1IOQ

Friday Night Climate Chats

📅 Friday February 25, 7pm

From Fraser Valley Climate Action: The 6th of our six Friday night chats. Each session is based on a 10 minute video from Drawdown.org’s “Climate Solutions 101”. Session 6: Making it happen. Hear more about deploying cost-effective solutions, changing our infrastructure, and innovating new technologies across sectors. By now you know that reaching carbon drawdown is only possible through bold action. What role will you play in building a better future?  The format of the evening is welcome & introduction, watch the video, and roundtable response to what we watched together.  All are welcome. Register here for the meeting link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/fraser-valley-friday-climate-change-chats-tickets-242146275027   fvclimateaction@gmail.com

Municipal Transportation Initiatives

📅 Monday February 28, 11am

From Climate Caucus: In our All Caucus Call, we will continue our discussion on municipal transportation initiatives. Come for a discussion of on-demand transit and how communities are working to become more cycle friendly. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6643639660?pwd=b3NZMFhJempUMTM0T1RPY0Z6aGtCUT09   Passcode: Climate   Meeting ID: 664 363 9660

Perspectives from the Inside of Local Government

📅 Wednesday March 16, 7pm   

From WE-CAN: The 3rd of our four Roundtables will will feature 3 elected officials who will share their unique perspectives on the challenges and urgency of prioritizing the climate agenda for local government. Details to follow. sebastian@westcoastclimateaction.ca

World PhD Students Climate Change Summit

📅 Wednesday March 16   

From Hamburg University: PhD students currently working on matters of related to climate change will be the ones leading future trends in 2030-2050, when they will occupy key roles in academia, industry and other sectors. It is therefore vital that they get the best possible training. One important component of this training is interaction and exchange of information among their peers. The deadline for submissions is 30th January 2022. https://www.haw-hamburg.de/en/university/newsroom/news-details/news/news/detail/world-phd-students-climate-change-summit-202/

Municipal Campaigning 101

📅 Wednesday April 20, 7pm 

From WE-CAN: The 4th of our four Roundtables will focus on election strategies for climate champions and how to run a successful campaign.  More to come. Details to follow. sebastian@westcoastclimateaction.ca

In-Person Protests, Rallies and Events 🌎

All times PDT 

📌 Vigil for Ancient Forests – For the Future For What We Love.  Victoria BC Legislature Lawn

📅 Tuesday February 8th, Noon – 1 pm

From the Elders for Ancient Trees: When parliament opens and the Lieutenant-Governor delivers John Horgan’s throne speech, we will be there for the future, ancient forests, endangered species, Indigenous lands, and a cooler Earth. We are demanding an immediate stop to all old-growth logging, and $300 million in the February budget to allow real choice for First Nations wanting to protect their forests and find alternatives to old-growth logging. Come dressed like a tree – supplies available so come early! The event includes Elder Bill Jones and Paul (Chiyokten) Wagner, Parents 4 Climate, a grounding meditation, singing and drumming. Join us!

31st Annual Women’s Memorial March, Vancouver

📅 Monday February 14th, Noon – 5 pm

Family and community gather at 10:30am. The march starts at 12 pm from Carnegie (Main and Hastings). For updates, see Women’s Memorial March.

Their Spirits Live Within Us.

Friday Rallies to Save Old Growth Forests, Qualicum Beach

📅 Every Friday, 10 am – 11 am 

From CPOC: Help protect old growth forests on Vancouver Island and get to know your fellow eco-activists! Join the weekly rallies at MLA Adam Walker‘s office, 184 2nd Ave, Qualicum Beach. Contact liz.yeates@yahoo.com for information or read more here.

Greater Victoria Green Team Events

Read more.

Climate Jobs 🌎

BC Government Climate-Related Jobs.

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Clean Energy Canada Program Manager

From Clean Energy Canada: We are seeking a Program Manager eager to join Clean Energy Canada’s policy team and lead its clean economy initiatives. You are a strategic policy advocate up for the task of maintaining and advancing our high standards for research, analysis, policy perspectives, and communications. Read more.

Clean Energy Canada Program Director

From Clean Energy Canada: We are seeking experienced leader to direct Clean Energy Canada’s policy team. You are a strategic thinker, grounded in public policy, and up for the task of maintaining and advancing our high standards for research, analysis, policy perspectives, and communications. Read more.

Climate Emergency Unit Director of Communications

From The Climate Emergency Unit: This person would become a core team member with our unit, and we are hoping to find them quickly. Read more.

Public Finance Analyst

📅 By February 7th

From Oil Change International: Oil Change International is seeking an enthusiastic, organised, and detail-oriented Analyst with a commitment to social justice to join our Global Public Finance team. The Public Finance Analyst will collect and analyse data and write reports and briefings to support OCI’s work to end public finance for fossil fuels and increase government support for a just transition, energy access, and renewable energy. Read more.

Youth Engagement Coordinator

📅 By February 7th

From Climate Reality: Read more.

Mining Campaigner

📅 By February 7th

From Indigenous Environmental Network: The campaigner will identify opportunities, develop and implement campaign strategies and tactics to support Indigenous Communities addressing mining. This position’s area of service is North America. Read more.

Aiming for Action: Awards for Young Activists

📅 By February 10th

From EarthDay:  Through Aiming for Action, young Canadians will be given a voice to bring their green initiatives to the forefront.  It recognizes one individual aged 14-18 and one aged 19-30 with a $500 to $1,500 grant for their environmental achievements. Read more.

Leadnow Organizing Manager

📅 By February 14th

From Leadnow: We’re seeking a motivated and passionate Organizing Manager to join our team to cover a parental leave through to May 2023. The ideal candidate will have a collaborative leadership style, effective people and project management skills, demonstrated abilities in crafting smart organizing strategies to build power and create real-world impact, and is passionate about our vision of using digital tools to unlock and scale people-powered organizing. If that sounds exciting, we’re interested in hearing from you! Read more.

Leadnow Fundraising Coordinator

📅 By February 16th

From Leadnow: This is a permanent, full-time position. Annual salary starting at $56,008.20, plus health benefits. Location: Vancouver office, though all staff are currently working remotely. Read more.

Energy Manager, Kelowna

📅 By February 17th

From the City of Kelowna: Responsible for developing and implementing a Sustainable Energy Management Program for the entire corporation. The incumbent must work cooperatively and liaise with a variety of other City managers, staff, contractors and outside agencies, including but not limited to FortisBC. Read more.

Calling all Sustainability-Driven Entrepreneurs and Innovators

From Synergy Foundation Project Zero: Applications are now open for the 2022 Project Zero Incubator Program. Do you have an innovative product or service that contributes to the circular economy? If yes, then we have the program for you! Read more.

Climate Reality Project Volunteer Regional Organizer

From Climate Reality Project Canada: We are seeking a volunteer Regional Organizer for the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Regional Organizers are the backbone of the Community Climate Hubs network, helping to organize citizen-led climate action groups, build partnerships with local groups, and lead local campaigns. Selected candidates will be informed on a rolling basis starting January 17th. Read more.

UVic Environmental Law Centre offers law students for free environmental cases and projects

From the UVic Environmental Law Centre: In January the Environmental Law Centre at UVic will have a new roster of law students available to do free legal work for worthy environmental cases and projects. See www.elc.uvic.ca  for examples of our work. We give priority to working for Indigenous and community groups. If you have a case or project that you would like a law student to work on, you can apply online at here.

Communications Coordinator

From the BC Mining Law Reform Network: Do you want to be an integral part of a dynamic and creative network working for environmental and social justice in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and mining-affected communities in British Columbia? Read more.

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Legally-Minded Climate Volunteers Wanted

From the Sabin Center: Climate litigation is exponentially growing worldwide, and the Sabin Center is building a network of scholars who can act as national rapporteurs to inform our global climate litigation database. They need volunteers who will analyze current cases in the Sabin Center’s database to see if there are any missing cases, update the Sabin Center, and help identify any relevant documents related to climate litigation. If you are interested, please fill out this form. Questions? Contact Maria Antonia Tigre.

The BC Community Climate Funding Guide

From CleanBC: A simpler way for local governments and Indigenous communities to find funding for their climate action projects. Maybe you’re a grant writer looking for funding to add heat pumps to a community building. Or a mayor preparing your town to cope with future wildfires. Or a sustainability manager implementing active transportation projects. Read more.

Work to Grow

From Work to Grow: Created in partnership with Parks Canada, Work to Grow connects racialized youth to jobs that promote or protect nature and offers funds of up to 50% of wages for individuals employed through the program. We’re looking for partners offering meaningful work for the next generation of nature lovers. There’s still time for organizations to get involved for the Fall and Winter terms! Do you know an organization or youth that could benefit? Read more.

Indigenous Climate Action Youth Wellness Honorarium

From Indigenous Climate Action: The Youth Wellness Honorarium pilot program helps Indigenous Youth who are taking on the ancestral work of land, air and water protection on the frontlines – or through climate justice organizing – in finding pathways to nurture their wellness. Indigenous Youth who have been engaged in climate justice organizing or frontline activism can apply to help alleviate financial pressure while trying to prioritize their wellness. The Honorarium is a $250 financial award. Read more.