Climate Action Provincial Assembly (CAPA)

Saturday November 19th, 10am – Noon (by Zoom)

The climate crisis grows in urgency every day, and we – BC’s climate action groups – must be ready to respond in the most effective ways.

The Climate Action Provincial Assembly is a participatory forum where leading members of BC’s active climate action groups can meet together to develop mutually supportive plans for the future. We intend that the Assembly will meet four times a year, in January, April, July and October.

During October 2022, WE-CAN volunteers will be reaching out to each of BC’s most active climate action groups. The content of the November CAPA will be determined by the feedback we get from the groups. 

WE-CAN has two requests:

  1. When your team meets next, can you choose up to 3 people to attend the November CAPA, and report back? In this way we can build a democratic assembly and share the work together.
  2. Would a member of your group be willing to join WE-CAN’s CAPA Planning Team? If you are interested, please email