Carsharing, EVs, and Urban Freight

Written by Sebastian Sadja

May 31, 2022

This Webinar was held June 8th, 4:00 PM

We wrap up our series on Transportation in a Time of Climate Crisis by looking at Carsharing, Electric Vehicles, and Urban Freight. Using these means, combined with great transit; great walking, cycling and rolling; and complete communities, we can eliminate much of transportation’s climate impact, while reducing the amount of traffic on our streets and creating more space for people.

Our guests were John Stonier, CEO Electric Advantage, Past President of VEVA; Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo Carshare; Joel Gibb from Shift Delivery Cargo Bikes; and Guy Dauncey, Co-Chair of WE-CAN. Our MC was Iona Santos-Fresnoz, who works with the Immigrant Employment Council of BC, and is an Ambassador for MODO.

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